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Hi I’m Christy Racho!

My hope for you is that when you come to this page you will finally feel like someone get you and what you are going through as a business owner. Owning your own business is amazing, empowering and really fulfilling, but it can also be exhausting, overwhelming and a complete pain in the ass sometimes!

Hopefully here, I am able to make you feel less alone and to answer any of the questions you have about running your own business. I also want to share the strategies and tools I use to help clients get ahead of their business so you can spend more time growing your business.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy! 

How to Keep Your Business Moving Forward during Crisis.

Have you ever had something happen in a split second that changed your whole life? I have it was on Sept 18th, 2015. I was driving to my parent’s house to pick up my kids, and as I rounded a corner, an oncoming vehicle crossed over into my lane, hitting my vehicle. It’s such a ... Read more How to Keep Your Business Moving Forward during Crisis.