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Christy @ Lumiera Solutions

Let's build a life and business that lights your soul on fire!

As an ADHD business owner, I know what it feels like to always worry and think about your business. I understand how exhausting it is to stay ahead of every new business trend, and the pressure that comes with all the shiny new things that are supposed to help you manage your business.

More than anything, I know what it’s like to feel guilty… all the time. Guilty when you are on a roll with your business, but your home life is drowning. That ugly feeling in the base of your gut that you are forgetting something or worse, one mistake away from losing it all... Then even more guilt when you want to spend time with your family, but the biz keeps getting in the way.

I know the idea of finding balance feels impossible for you, and you wonder if you made the right choice when starting your own business (or thinking about starting a business)!

“Wasn’t this supposed to give me more freedom and flexibility in my life?”  

“I just wanted to make a difference and show up for my clients!”

"Why can't I finish just one freakin' thing?"

Maybe you find your self up at night asking:

"How do I set my business up to run in a way that I don't worry I am going to miss something important"?

"What are the best systems and tools to run my business?"

"Can I run a successful business AND be the Mom/ Partner/Friend I've always imagined"?

"How the hell am I supposed to help other people, when I am struggling to get it all done too? I feel like a fraud."

"Maybe this next course will finally help me get where I want to go in my business".

"I wish there was someone who could just tell me what to do next, and make it easier".


What if there was a way to own and run the business of your dreams AND have the freedom to take a vacation, spend a work-free weekend or even go out for a night with your girlfriends?

Why Should You Work with Me?

I understand how overwhelming it is to try and navigate ALL-THE-THINGS in business, especially on your own.

To try to keep your clients happy, make sure you get the kids to hockey practice on time, then somehow also find more time to make dinner and go out with your friends while not being completely exhausted and missing out on life... ALL - THE - DAMN - TIME!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone help you prioritize what to work on next, and actually help you finish the goals you set for yourself?

Or, wouldn't it be nice to know that you are on track and doing the right things to grow your business?

I am someone who can help you organize your business, find the right steps and help you figure out the best tools and systems to manage all the things. Doesn't that sound better than always changing your mind, jumping from one thing to the next never actually getting anything done? Or worse feeling like you are letting everyone down, especially yourself?

Didn't you build your business so you would have more time and energy to spend with those you love?

I got to the point where I was so tired of half-assing everything and playing catch-up in all areas of my life, and I am ready to help you do the same!

Virtual Assistant working with Client
Christy @ Lumiera Solutions
Fun Facts

Family is my absolute happy place! Especially if it includes watching my boys play hockey or baseball or snuggling up on the couch watching Ted Lasso.

I love learning and am constantly in the middle of a course or two. (Thank you ADHD brain)

I believe that personal development is the most important gift we can give ourselves and one of the easiest ways to take care of ourselves. One that often gets neglected (especially as Moms).

I'm team peppermint tea all the way! (I always have one on my desk... usually cold- Again, thank you ADHD brain!)- A close second for me is Diet Pepsi.

I have the ability to remember song lyrics, actors' names and movie quotes like it's my job, but can't remember the items on my grocery list (the one I left on the kitchen counter) to save my life!

Ryan Reynolds is the best-looking Ryan in Hollywood. I said it... and I meant it! (Followed closely by Alexander Dreymon from The Last Kingdom)

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it”


How it started... How it's going

A long long time ago... just kidding!

Lumiera Solutions Inc. started while recovering from a car accident, which morphed into a dream that I didn’t know I had. I have always loved the idea of helping people, spent most of my adult life as an administrative assistant, and am great at solving problems (thank you ADHD). So I figured, why not put these pieces together and start my own online business doing all of these things? Makes sense, right?

To back up... before my car accident, I spent 15 years, working at a Hospital. Like most ADHD employees, I bounced around a lot. I worked in the Diabetes Outpatient Program, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Unit, Medical Floor, Imaging Department and Post-Surgical Unit to name a few. While off on my medical leave (during my car accident recovery), my Occupational Therapist, Sheri, give me some homework that forever changed my life!

Sheri was tasked with helping me get my brain, heart and soul back into alignment. Something that is really important when you are going through recovery. It helps to glue everything back together. She asked me to take some time while I was recovering to figure out what I actually wanted out of life. To take stock of my happiness and to see if what I was doing before my accident that made me happy. It was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received.  

How often are we given the chance to sort life out (interruption-free), so we can figure out our dreams?

During my recovery, which took about 3.5 years, I became really intrigued by my mindset, or my lack mindset to be more specific. In reflecting, I was thrown into a journey towards personal development. It became a lifeline for me in a time when I couldn't see the end of my recovery. Trying desperately to get to the real me, I realized I was forever changed.  I wasn’t willing to go back to the job I hated, and the way my life was before the accident.

When the time came to start thinking about returning to work, I wanted to choose a more meaningful life… for me and my family. One that I would

find purpose and inspiration from, and that would light my freakin' soul on fire every day! Something as a business owner, I am sure you can relate to.

So, I started helping clients online as a Virtual Assistant and quickly realized that after putting all of my time and effort for a year into this new project... that I hated doing VA work as well.

But I did love the art of putting together a business. Finding the best tools and strategy to make it all run like clockwork! 

Having ADHD makes building your business a little harder, but so much more rewarding when you actually get to live out your dreams and on your own freakin' terms!

The relief I see in my clients when things aren't so overwhelmed anymore. That they are able to enjoy their businesses again... that's what fires me up!

Then also being able to help them with the accountability piece... became like a home run for me and my business. Who knew finding your purpose, was like filling up your cup on its own, instead of constantly draining your cup in work that sucks your energy?

The best part is that I get to do this while making my own hours, being able to take my kids to hockey tournaments, and doctor's appointments and being able to have tea with a friend during the day. All of these freedoms helped me fall in love with my business and purpose all over again!!

So, let me be the reason that you can stop and smell the roses in your business.

The reason you can spend an extra 20 guilt-free minutes snuggling your kidlet's goodnight, or why you can proudly set a no-work rule for the weekend so you can enjoy the life you have busted your ass to have.

Together we can build the business and legacy of your dreams... Are you ready?

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