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Hello! My name is Christy and I am a Business Consultant and Strategist. I love getting to connect with online business owners so I can help them take their business to the next level.

To book a free clarity call with me, please select a date and time using the calendar below. I love meeting other business owners on these calls!

Once you have selected your appointment, you will be taken to a simple form where you can tell me a little bit about you and your business.

Monday – Thursday
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Consultant?

I like to think of myself as someone who is an ideas person. I love brainstorming and because of my ADHD, I am able to process ideas and thoughts really quickly... It's my superpower!

Another ADHD superpower is hyperfocus. I have spent years trying to find the best solutions to manage my business and because of that, I have a large database of knowledge in my head when it comes to different systems, tools, strategies, marketing techniques, processes and on and on!

I love using all of this knowledge to help business owners, like you, who don't want to have to do all the research and are looking for someone to come into their business and just connect to.


Is a Strategy Session right for my business?

I found that my business really started to grow once I started to bring in other professionals & consultants into my business. Having another person to talk through your business with that has no bias or emotional attachment can be such an empowering thing. I remember talking with one of my strategists saying "I can't talk to my husband about this stuff, because he doesn't understand it" sometimes leaves you feeling really lonely and isolated!

That's when a strategist (or consultant) can come in to provide you with someone to talk business with, dream with and then create the solutions with, it's a gift you can give your business.

Why do you work with ADHD business owners? (Do you only work with ADHD business owners?)

Since around 2011/2012 our lives have been very ADHD-centered. My oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD and then a few years later my other son was diagnosed. Now 10 years later we have all been put on the spectrum (my husband and I included), hell, even our Vet jokes that our dogs have it.

When our boys were diagnosed we worked tirelessly to understand ADHD and how it makes our brains different. I swore I would help people better understand ADHD and how you can use it to your advantage!

I don't just work with ADHDr's so please feel at home if you aren't ADHD ❤️


I don’t live in your Country, does that matter?

Most often the answer is No, it doesn’t matter if we live in different countries. With amazing strides in technology, you can feel like someone across the world is at your fingertips! Technology gives us more flexibility in working around schedules and time zones so that we can always stay in touch.

The instance where this can get tricky is if we are in opposite time zones, for example, EST (my time zone) and Australia would mean, I am sleeping while the Aussies are working…

It is possible, it just takes some creativity and forethought!

Why do we need a Clarity Call?

Not every person needs a clarity call. It depends more on how comfortable you are moving forward and the type of session you are signing up for.

Honestly, it’s a chance for us both to meet each other and to see if we would work well together. I am quirky, sarcastic and try really hard not to swear like a trucker the first time we meet, but know that I may not be the best fit for everyone and this call helps us discover that!

*I do like to have a free clarity call with all of my ADHD Coaching and Accountability clients as this is a more long-term relationship and there are a few different plans available depending on each person's needs and level of accountability support.



Which Ryan is the best-looking Ryan in Hollywood? 

There are many different opinions on this matter and I for one, feel like Ryan Reynolds is the best Ryan in Hollywood for many reasons.

In case you need convincing, here is my shortlist why Ryan Reynolds is Amazeballs:

1) He is funny as hell
2) Deadpool
3) He is a family guy
4) He is Canadian and proud of it!
5) Have you seen him ?!?