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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who helps take some of your business stressors away. We are independent contractors that provide Administrative help to business owners in a remote environment.

I don’t live in your Country, does that matter?

Most often the answer is No, it doesn’t matter. With amazing technology, you can feel like someone across the world is at your fingertips! Technology gives us more flexibility in working around schedules and time zones so that we can always stay in touch and on top of your needs. The instance where this can get tricky is if you are on opposite time zones for example EST (my time zone) and Australia would mean, I am sleeping while the Aussies are working… It is possible, it just takes some creativity and fore thought!

How do I decide what work to delegate to my Virtual Assistant?

During our Free 30 minute Discovery Call, we will discuss some areas you are either struggling with or don’t have time for and together we will come up with a plan to start getting ahead of your business. We will list out all of the work you have and then prioritize what I can “take off your plate”.

Is working with a Virtual Assistant right for me and my business?

Honestly, the answer to this is different for everyone. If you are looking to take the next step but feel like you are already spread too thin… I am exactly what you need. You need to decide how much your time is worth? Is your time better spent on Administrative tasks (that you hate doing or don’t really understand) or getting out there and actually doing the thing you love (and making money).

How will I know how many hours I need per month?

During our Free 30 Minute Discovery Call, we will discuss your needs and together come up with a number of hours (plan) that suits your business needs and budget.

I am ready to sign up, what’s next?

After you fill out the Contact Us page, you will be sent an email with instructions to book a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me. During this phone call we will discuss your needs as well as how I might be able to help you. After the call, I will send you some information and we can get started right away!!