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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Systems Strategist?

systems strategist is the most qualified person to set up and calibrate these systems in a way that achieves peak efficiency. This is because systems strategists have been trained to build high-performing systems and protocols from the ground up. (from Looplic)




What is an All-In-One System and is it right for my business?

An All-in-one system is a tool that will help you replace a few tools to get the job done.

I love using a tool called Dubsado for this. Dubsado allows you to capture leads, set up appointments, create template emails, forms, send contracts, create invoices and more.

Dubsado has been a game-changer for my business admin and saves me so much time every week.

What do we need a Discovery Call for?

During this free 15-20 minute zoom call, we will discuss your needs as well as how I might be able to help you. Honestly, it’s a chance for us both to meet each other and to see if we would work well together.

At the end of our discovery call, I explain my system and the next steps. When you are ready to move forward, it’s as simple as clicking a button (or 3)!


I don’t live in your Country, does that matter?

Most often the answer is No, it doesn’t matter. With amazing technology, you can feel like someone across the world is at your fingertips! Technology gives us more flexibility in working around schedules and time zones so that we can always stay in touch and on top of your needs. The instance where this can get tricky is if you are on opposite time zones for example EST (my time zone) and Australia would mean, I am sleeping while the Aussies are working… It is possible, it just takes some creativity and fore thought!

Is working with a Systems Strategist right for me and my business?

Honestly, the answer to this is different for everyone. If you are looking to take the next step but feel like you are already spread too thin… I am exactly what you need.

You need to decide how much your time is worth? Is your time better spent on Administrative tasks (that you hate doing or don’t really understand) or getting out there and actually doing the thing you love (and making money)?

What Ryan is the best-looking Ryan in Hollywood? 

There are many different opinions on this matter and I for one, feel like Ryan Reynolds is the best Ryan in Hollywood for many reasons.

Incase you need convincing, here is my shortlist:
1) He is funny as hell
2) Deadpool
3) He is a family guy
4) He is Canadian and proud of it!
5) Have you seen him ?!?