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How I can support your business:

Business Strategy & Growth Sessions

Streamline your Business Process
Create Standard Operating Procedures
Find the Right Tools for Your Business
Automate Your Business
Online Business Set-Up & Management

Let me help you Organize tasks and Projects so you are focused on the right next steps!

90-Minute Business Strategy Intensive

In this 90-minute session, we will dig into one of your systems or processes and create an amazing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

I will also help you discover the right tools to put in place so that you can organize and simplify your business.

After our meeting I will send you a report of the suggestions we talk about and the next steps for you!

Dubsado Build Out for Managing Clients

I am a Dubsado Set up Specialist

We build your platform from the Base Up

Import Contracts, Forms (Lead Capture Forms, Proposals, Questionnaires, Contracts), Canned Emails, Packages, Integrations, etc.

Create Automations and Workflows

Are you ready to get started?

Why YOU should work with me?

Peace of mind knowing that your business matters to me and that I will look after it and protect it as if it were my own. During our time together, my intention is to free up time in your admin tasks, create simple and easy to manage processes and best of all, organize your business so you aren’t spending all day going through the 500 different programs you use to manage you business every day!

Why you should work with me?
Lumiera Packages
Shimmer Package

90-Minute Systems Strategy Intensives

Recording of our 90-Minute Intensive Strategy Session

Create Standard Operating Procedures and an Emergency Plan for your business

Find the right tools for your business

Organize tasks and projects so you are focused on the right next steps!

Automate your business

Give you a detailed report of the suggestions I make and next steps

Sessions & Services starting at $249

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Client Resource Management Builds for Dubsado

Project Clarity Call to review your goals so I know how to build your CRM

Simple process for building out the different sections of your platform using my tried and tested method.

During your build we will help you create: a way to capture leads, Contracts, Forms, Proposals, Questionnaires, Canned Emails, Packages, Integrate other Apps, set up invoicing and more.

Once we have all of the pieces built out, we will set up simple Automations and Workflows to help put your client experience on auto-pilot!

Dubsado Builds Starting at $1297

I serve business owners who are ready to say yes to:

Finding a balance between your work and home life so you can go out with your husband, play with your kids "guilt free" or even get together with those girlfriends you are always too busy for!

Getting a full nights sleep instead of staying up late researching on Google how to managing your business with out burning out every other month!

Trusting your business to someone who cares about your growth and well-being the same way you do! Being a business owner is lonely and you are ready for someone to help shoulder some of the weight and work! (I got you)

Knowing that you are finally getting your clients managed, your to do list items done... on time and without dropping any balls!

Christy @ Lumiera Solutions

“The secret to finding our passion is to bring passion to everything that we do”

Marie Forleo

The Process

The Process | Step 1

We Meet!

We’ll meet for a FREE one-on-one discovery call to discuss the specifics for your business needs. This is a great time to ask any questions, figure out our plan to helping you rock your business and free up some much deserved time!

The Process | Step 2

90-Minute Intensive Session

Once we book our 90- Minute Strategy Intensive, we will walk through your business set up (especially around managing your clients) and we will create an amazing plan for how you can simplify your process. You will be so happy you signed up for this meeting as I start becoming the secret ingredient in your business you wish you had found ages ago!

The Process | Step 3

Let's Get to Work

One of the most common questions I get after these sessions is now what? What do I do with the action steps you suggest in our meeting Christy?

There are 2 ways that we can move forward.

1) I can become an accountability partner to make sure that you set up the tools and systems I suggest to make sure you are creating that simple business life.


2) I can take over the systems set up for you so all you have to worry about is growing your business and finally getting to those dreams you have been secretly waiting to bring to life!

Sound like a plan?



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