What are bad systems costing you and your business?

What are bad systems costing you and your business?

It’s 5:45 pm, dinner is on the table. You have worked past the time you promised your family you would.. again. 

You are just about to close up for the day and hear “ding”. You just got an email notification letting you know that the client you have been talking with, has finally made the decision to work with you. You have been talking with this client for days and don’t want to miss your opportunity, but the kids are rolling their eyes at you because you have to keep working, even when you promised them that you were going to try and do better.

If only there was a better way to manage your client process?

So you go back into your office and start drafting the email, creating the pieces you need to send your new client, the invoices, contracts, meeting invitations and hope that you are taking enough time to make sure that you have done everything correctly and hit send only to realize it’s 2 hours later. 

You missed family dinner again. 

You are sick and tired of feeling guilty, and really disorganized and just want to find that magic balance where you get everything done in your business, but not at the cost of spending time with your family. 

I get it, I have been where you are and it’s a crappy feeling. The balance between managing your own business while not compromising your family time or downtime is really hard. 

After trying and failing at this numerous times in my own business, I started researching the tools and systems that were out there, and ways to simplify the process so I could set my business up to run more on autopilot.

Setting up systems and tools to automate my process, has been a game-changer for my business! 

Honestly, by not simplifying your systems and process, it costs you time, growth in your business, your relationships, energy and capacity and the list goes on and on. 

When you simplify your process, you are able to take time away, knowing that your business is set up to manage those pieces without you. You can finally bring team members on to help you because you have a clear, easy to follow plan for them to follow that doesn’t require you to babysit. Having a great system in place will allow you to onboard clients and team members sooner. 

Setting up the right system and tools to help me manage my process (and repeat it) through automation and workflows will forever be the best thing I ever did in my business!

Are you ready to set up a kick-ass system and the processes to stop costing you and your loved one’s time, energy and the downtime you need? Then reach out so we can book a quick chat to see how we can get you your time back!

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