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Do you need help figuring out the next move in your business or how to get started?

Would you like help designing the perfect client experience for your incoming clients?

Are you looking to find better tools & solutions to help manage your business?

Or are you looking for someone to bounce ideas off of... a thought partner?


If so, our Workflow Mapping | Strategy Sessions may be the answer you have been looking for. During our strategy session, we can talk about whatever is on your mind when it comes to your business. Here are some places we can start:

✔️ What order to build your business in if you are just getting started (or want to make sure you have thought of everything as you take your business to the next level).

✔️ Review your Signature Offer and/or Product Suite to gain clarity around what you are offering and who you are helping

✔️ A review of the Systems & Tools you are using in your business and suggestions for improvement so that your business ecosystem works for you and your business.

✔️ Designing a Custom Onboarding Experience for you and your clients. Wouldn't it be great to have a consistent set of steps to run each of your clients through so they feel special and you get all of the information you need to be the best for them (and you)?

✔️ Helping to design the steps and processes/ workflow you use in your business and the best ways to record them, so you have your own Standard Operating Procedures (this is helpful when you are ready to bring on team members). Bonus points if it's how to implement these steps into Dubsado!

✔️ Running your business with ADHD and strategies to help you work with your brain instead of hating that it's not like everyone else's.

✔️ Idea Generation and Brainstorming Sessions to help discuss your business as it takes its next steps into its next chapter. This could be helping to plot out your course, ideas on what freebies and digital products to offer, and more!

After our session together, you will have gained clarity on how to move forward, the workflow and/or strategies and resources you need to get there and a recording of our session to refer back to so you can be present and creative during our session together.


If this sounds like something you have been waiting for, then book your strategy session with Christy now!

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