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How I can support your business...

Ask Me Anything Business Strategy, Brainstorming & Growth Sessions

Streamline your Business Process
Create Standard Operating Procedures
Find the Right Tools for Your Business
Automate Your Business
Online Business Set-Up & Management

Let me help you Organize tasks and Projects so you are focused on the right next steps!

Accountability Coaching

I found that a lot of business owners (especially those who have ADHD) struggle with consistency and staying on track. With my Accountability packages, you will be able to get a buddy to check in on your progress on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis to keep your business moving forward.

VIP Strategy Sessions

We are excited to offer Half Day (4 Hours) and Full day (7 hours) VIP Sessions, where we deep dive into one of the following categories to help take your business to the next level:

1) Your Signature Offer
2) Your Business Systems and tools
3) Help Design your course layout
 4) General Brainstorming Session/ Idea Generation

Are you ready to get started?

Still need more reasons to work with me?

During our time together, my intention is to help you get focused, to create simple and easy to manage processes and best of all, organize your business so you aren’t spending all day going through the 500 different programs you use to manage your business every day!

Wouldn't it be nice to know that your business systems are working for you instead of being stuck, wasting important time sending contracts, onboarding clients and re-creating the wheel every time a new client signs up with you!

How about instead, we build a kick-ass system to help you manage your business so you are free to focus on the parts of your business that make you money and light you up!

Why you should work with me?
Lumiera Packages

Ask Me Anything Sessions

These "Ask Me Anything" Sessions are great if you want to just pick my brain on a system or tool you want to get set up, strategy for your business or maybe something else!

Ideas of what we can talk about:
Building Your Business, Client Mapping/ Your Client Journey, Email Marketing, Systems and Tools for your Business, Dubsado, ClickUp, What to Focus on Next

Recording of our Strategy Session with a brief summary

Ask Me Anything Sessions are available in 30, 45, 60 & 90 Minute Sessions

Ask Me Anything Strategy Sessions starting at $129 USD

Lumiera Solutions Coaching
Christy giving accountability coaching to her client

ADHD Coaching & Accountability

These monthly accountability packages include 1, 2 or Weekly consulting/ accountability calls per month. During this accountability package, we will discuss your business, what your goals are, the steps you need to take to continue moving the needle forward and the plan to get you there.

I like to book a Free 20-30 Minute Clarity Call so we can discuss where you need help and then I can make a package recommendation based on where you are at.

Call(s) each month to keep you accountable to your goals

Systems & Strategy to help you break down your business goals

Copy of the recordings of our session so you can refer back to our session & Follow Up Email with your Homework

Voxer or WhatsApp Support throughout the month where we can touch base between sessions.

ADHD  Coaching & Accountability Packages Starting at $297 USD per month

VIP Strategy Sessions

In this Half Day (4 hr) or Full day (7 hr) VIP Session, we will focus on one of the following categories to help take your business to the next level.

1) Your Signature Offer
2) Your Business Systems and tools
3) Help Design your course layout

4) General Brainstorming Session/ Idea Generation

After this Full-Day VIP session, you will get a free recording of the session, a brief summary of what was discussed, and 15 days of support via Voxer, WhatsApp, etc.

Note some Intensive topics are better suited to Full-Day or even Multi-Day Packages. If you are unsure how much time you need, please feel free to go to my Contact Us page to book a free consultation.

VIP Sessions Starting at $797 USD

I serve business owners who are ready to say yes to:

Finding a balance between your work and home life so you can go out with your husband, play with your kids "guilt free" or even get together with those girlfriends you are always too busy for!

Getting a full night's sleep instead of staying up late researching on Google how to manage your business without losing focus, or worse burning out every other month! Let me be your brainstorming partner.

Trusting your business to someone who cares about your growth and well-being the same way you do! Being a business owner is lonely and you are ready for someone to help shoulder some of the weight! (I've got you!)

Knowing that you are finally getting your clients managed, your foundations built properly, and your business admin running on autopilot... on time and without dropping any balls!

Christy @ Lumiera Solutions

“This woman has been a godsend for me! Highly recommend Christy’s services if you crave structure but struggle with workflow". 🐿

Jaime Lee Mann

The Process
The Process | Step 1

We Meet!

Depending on the option you select from above, we will either meet for a free clarity call or you will purchase the call option that best suits your needs. These calls are the perfect time to bring any questions that you have, an open mind and some excitement as we are about to overhaul your business!

The Process | Step 2

Session Prep Form

This is a simple, but really important step in the process. To prepare as best as possible (for both of us) I find it really helpful to send out a Session Prep Form. This is a really simple form that has like 6 questions on it that help us prioritize and identify what we want to chat about in our session. Have a little fun with this form and let me know if you need any help along the way!

The Process | Step 3

Strategy Session

This is where the fun begins!!!

Now that we have the Session Prep form complete, we get to hang out and build the business of YOUR dreams. Make sure to bring a notepad, drink and all the questions you can fit into our time together.

After we have completed our session, I will send you a link to the recording and a brief summary of what we talked about during your session.


Sound like a plan?

Head back up to the packages section to see what option is the best fit for you!



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